Shut Your Mouth and Eat Your Cake

by GayGuy/StraightGuy

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Shut Your Mouth and Eat your Cake is a record full of songs that are anywhere from 1-4 years old. The theme is a bit scattered, so it was titled after the most prominent topic. The majority of the lyrics on this record (Eat Your Cake, Sinking Ship, Everything is Perfect, Reduce & Rebuild) is my (Nick) interpretation of how the US government would talk to us if it was a human being. To be more specific, a disinterested old man who can't believe that he needs tell his tale. Sarcastic and selfish, brutal and biting when he speaks, but there is a drop of excitement in his sarcasm because he knows what is coming...and it's incredibly beneficial for a very select and small group.

The rest of the record is more positive. It's actually almost the polar opposite of the 4 songs mentioned above.

Nashville is the oldest song on the record. It's about a few different guys I toured with years ago. They would fill up a room with happiness and positive energy, then did the same thing once they got out on stage and people loved it. It was inspiring and I was lucky to know them for a while.

Movement is about living in the moment, being content, and appreciating simplicity in your life. It was written while in a van driving west on I-8 from Phoenix to San Diego. There is a strip of that road that is all desert as far as you can see. After a few hours you drive into the mountains and watch the landscape continuously change until you reach San Diego.

Side to Side is about constantly trying to bring things to life. Anything. Your art, your work, your friendships. Trying to stay fresh and keep all things interesting is a daily challenge.

Surf Puck is about having scattered focus and trying to center yourself. The first few lines reflect a scattered mind. The end section is about trying to center and focus yourself. There was a short while when we were going to call the record "Begin to Be", but landed on SYMAEYC.

As always, thanks for listening.



released May 3, 2016

Songs by Nick & Bob

Nick - Vox/Guitars
Bob - Drums

Recorded by Pat Noon at 8:16 recording in Bayville NJ

Mixed by Paul Ritchie at Insidious Sound in Neptune NJ

Mastered by Alan Douches at west west side music.



all rights reserved


GayGuy/StraightGuy Asbury Park, New Jersey

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Track Name: Eat Your Cake
Take a look around the world we live in
such a lovely place
full of everything we could ever need.
It’s just a click away.
Don’t you be concerned with any problems.
Thats a waste of time.
Theres no need to aggravate yourself when everything is fine.

Serves us right.
We’re the walking blind
Converting you
divert you from the truth
one at a time

Are you worried about the world you love?
Have a piece of cake.
It’s delicious and there’s no reason you should deny it.
It’s for you to take.
Pat no attention to the ugliness that finds it’s way to you
Just have another piece and have these shiny things
We promise we’ll take care of you.

Serves us right.
We’re the walking blind.Ignore the truth your guts been telling you
time after time

Congratulations to the nations with their eyes on the ground.
You remain what you perpetuate
Just take the queues
There’s nothing you can do
Now shut your mouth and eat your cake.
Track Name: Nashville
How you gonna deal with all the crossroads in your life?
Will you just blindly walk the line?
You can never change a man who has made his mind.
All you can do is step aside.

He came from Nashville with some energy inside.
The kind of vibe you can't deny.
He can walk into a room and make it
you have never known

Come inside
Come on and get some life
Come alive
Come on and feel the vibe

He comes from Wales;
He's got some energy inside.
And he has seen the other side.
He can step onto a stage and do it right.
Like you have never known

Upon the last days that you have ever known...
Upon the last days, they will have come and will have shown.
Track Name: Sinking Ship
Welcome all aboard this sinking ship.
The one you’ve been dealing with.
You can’t seem to get your mind off of it.
Find yourself a seat, get comfortable.
It will be a short while till the story plays itself out in full

How long till we let go?
Till we realize what we won’t know?
When the winds come, and the winds blow to change the direction
of this slowly sinking ship that we’ve all been living with.
you wish you could find a way of stopping it.

There no way we can know when the tides will come and then go
What do you know?
What do they know?
There is no answer.
We’re all passengers on a sinking ship.
Might as well enjoy the trip.
Only time will reveal the end of it.

You’ve been riding out
You can ride it out
You can run ‘em out
You can run it out
You’ve been running out

You could work it out.

You’ve been running out.
Track Name: Everything is Perfect
Have another bite
of the food you’ve been enjoying
anything you’d like
it was purchased by your family
don’t pay any mind
to the ever creeping feeling
that something isn’t right
Everything is bright and wonderful

Bombs away.
Happily subscribe.
Bombs away.

Have another sip
of the drink you’ve been enjoying
put it to your lips
it was purchased by your family
don’t pay any mind
to the ever creeping feeling
that something isn’t right
Everything is bright and wonderful

S.O.S. Goodbye!
Happily subscribe.
Track Name: Side to Side
We can move our thoughts in the night
Move them from side to side
try to build a pattern to ride
a strategy to bring it to life
Bring it to life

While all the months pass by
we just keep moving in the night
carve then step back and refine
no need to waste any time
we need more time

We try combining minds
we operate at separate times
anything that we can find to keep it feeling right

It’s always new to you when someone runs it through
a new machine
a brand new thing
an execution you’ve never seen
It’s always new to you when someone runs it through
the next best thing to come along
and on and on and on and on…

All our thoughts start down at the bottom
We keep on pushing and pushing.
Track Name: Reduce & Rebuild
Sign your name walk through the door
patient you have been here before
waiting for a perfect time
cut the lights and then draw a line
any day.
What have you seen?
figureheads with strange motives
Reduce and rebuild what has been
Following a darkened light
blur the lines of wrong and right
every way
thats what will be
Track Name: Surf Puck
She made the air warm
She made the air warmer
Have your fun anyway it could possibly be found
over or under the ground

Head up and out
steady your pace
eyes dead ahead
you need a reason
to push or pull
to move or wait
worry…or don’t
what does it matter?
go clear a path
go make a move
now take a seat
relax and reason
with what you are
what have you done?
are you alive?
can you begin to be?